Job Description

  • 1. To analyze the script and director’s requirements, and visualize the scene from the camera’s point of view, working out the characters’ positions and camera angles.
  • 2. To prepare rough or thumbnail boards based on the script under the direction of Storyboard Director;
  • 3. To review thumbnail boards with Storyboard Director and ensure that changes are made according to Storyboard Director’s comments and instructions;
  • 4. To create detailed storyboards that depict the characters in their location, the framing, camera angles and movement for each and every scene;
  • 5. To ensure the consistency in the style and quality of storyboards according to the script;
  • 6. To organize and manage timelines to ensure all storyboards are completed and submitted on schedule; and
  • 7. To carry out such activities duties as the Company may from time to time direct.