“CJ the DJ” is about a tween with a dream. DJ’s are this generation’s new pop stars, and owning a pair of turntables is now higher on a kid’s wish list than owning a guitar. But not every DJ is a millionaire superstar – some aren’t even old enough to get inside a club. Meet thirteen year old CJ Jones.

Funky, funny, in-your-face CJ is a rebel with one simple cause – to play her music to the world. But right now, the fame and glamour of DJ stardom are a long way from CJ’s world. She has to start at the bottom, taking DJ gigs wherever she can – anything from the neighbourhood karaoke restaurant to the local retirement village (now there’s a hot crowd).

Along the way she has to contend with parents who don’t appreciate her wild clothes and green hair, a little sister who finds her deeply embarrassing, a best friend who’s infuriatingly mainstream, and an overweight, classical flute-playing boy-next-door with a huge crush on her.

She also has to do battle with the bitter and twisted manager of the local record store / DJ agency, and his doofus sidekick – a wannabe DJ with no talent but all the right connections.


Children’s Animated TV Series

Series Completed:


No. of Episodes:

52 x 11’


Kapow Pictures, Millimages


AWGIE Award 2009 for Children’s Television (WINNER)