My Star Ling tells the magical story of a girl named Star Ling who embarks on a quest to find 5-Spice Powder, the source of energy that fuels her planet. A freak accident destroys the reactor, along with its storage of the powerful 5-Spice Powder. Now, she must leave her wondrous home of New Middle Kingdom to return to earth, her ancestral home to gather the 5-Spice Powder.

Alone and so far from home, she finds herself on a ruined earth which has become a technocratic dystopia. A world without joy where living has been replaced with repetitive automation. Star Ling brings with her the values with which she was raised: kindness, compassion and understanding to name a few. Values that have long been forgotten on earth. She reminds those she meets of a simpler, happier time that was once possible and unwittingly becomes an inter-galactic ambassador of what it means to live a joyful and harmonious life.

My Star Ling is a co-production between SupaPop Studios and Vision Animation.