Twelve year-old Guy Hammon is a natural cut-up who fancies himself an extreme dude with his own macho catch phrase, “it’s a Guy thing.” Guy lives the dream of every rough-and-tumble boy when he discovers an awesome power ring which transforms him into a mighty superhero! Pretty cool, huh? Well, there’s just one tiny catch…the ring that gives Guy his amazing super powers was only meant to be worn by a girl and the end result is absolutely she-larious! Guy must use his super powers to battle mega-villains while sporting an outrageous female superhero costume… which actually ends up helping him tremendously on his own personal journey toward becoming one heck of a super man.


Children’s Animated TV Series

Series Completed:


No. of Episodes:

52 x 11’ / 26 x 24′


Moody Street Kids, Kickstart Productions, DHX Media, Obie Co, Film Victoria, Network Ten, ABC


Highly Commended at the Asian Television Awards for best 2D animated programme.