Jack Slackem is a fun-loving 12 year-old who has turned avoiding responsibility into an art form. Yet, even he cannot escape destiny when he stumbles across an artifact known as a Furryfury Cube. One unwitting activation later, and the cube bonds itself permanently to Jack. Now he has no choice but to complete his quest to become a Furryfury Master, an elite warrior who gains power by collecting, training and mastering a series of fun, powerful but bizarre inter-dimensional creatures known as the FurryFuries!

By outrageously twisting and subverting the common tropes and clichés associated with “battle card” games, SMHU..?! is a wild and comedic send up of classic and beloved shows such as, Pokémon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

SMHU..?! is a co-production between Moody Street Kids and Vision Animation.