Sumo Mouse is a dynamic, action-adventure comedy where manga meets mirth in a super-heroic struggle, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance at least every other week.

With striking visuals that owe as much to film noir as to comic books, SUMO MOUSE pays homage to the classic superheroes of old, with a little contemporary fun, and always delivers dynamic, high-energy action-Sumo style.

Yama recalled an old story Uncle Herbie used to tell, supposedly a prophecy from the ancient scrolls, about a legendary o-icho crafted from hairs plucked from the heads of the mightiest Sumo Monks – a priceless ancient relic which, could only ever be donned by someone who was worthy and pure of heart.

Naturally, Yama tried it on and the second the wig touched his scalp his body transformed; shooting upwards and outwards as he became a massive, muscle-bound, mega-mouse – the mightiest mouse warrior in existence.

The one and only, Sumo Mouse!


Children’s Animated TV Series

Series completed:


No. of Episodes:

26 x 24′


Moody Street Kids, Network Ten, Film Victoria, Endemol, Title Entertainment, Canwest


Nominated for an AWGIE Award in 2009